3 Tips for Guaranteed GAINS in 2016!

Enlight1 (6)Like the Patriots in the Playoffs, here’s a few things you can count on in January. Ice cold weather, new faces at the gym, and dudes wanting to get SWOLE! And why not? It’s the perfect time of year to test the boundaries of how much quality size you can gain while your in baggy clothes, stuck inside, eating and watching the games.

Because the guys at Titan Nutrition asked so nicely, I’m sharing with you my 3 tips for getting BIG in 2016. Tried and true these steps WILL have you looking like the Austrian Oak by July! ….or at least on your way.

When you’re setting out on your journey to start cultivating some new muscle tissue DO NOT over complicate things. Beginners worry too much over things that aren’t necessary. Don’t worry about, bands, chains, how many extra plates you can stack on the hack squat, what the latest test booster is, or how “fresh” your tights are (but damn those are fresh).

Demand good form, eat your whole foods (rice, chicken, sweet potatoes, oats, eggs, etc.)

Simple WORKS!

Do your deads!




Overhead press


Barbell curls

Lift with intensity, lift heavy, and lift often. Use a DAMN barbell!

It’s a scientific fact that every time you check into the gym, hashtag your fingers to death, or go up to another gym goer to tell them how massive your gains will be this year, you can’t actually be doing any work at that time. Makes sense?

While positive vibes aren’t discouraged, there is way more validation in having someone tells YOU how much you’ve been working, not the other way around.

Hard work is its own hype man!


Just because you didn’t build 20-inch pipes after spending ALL 4 WEEKS of January in the gym doesn’t mean your plan isn’t working. Building muscle is a slow process and takes a lot of work. For many this is discouraging and causes their ‘sure fire’ motivation to burn out quick. If the gratification was instant everyone would look like a comic strip character, but unfortunately it’s going to take some dedication, time, and effort.

The number 1 KILLER of GAINS world wide…Giving up.

Not you, not this year, KEEP GOING!

While the steps are simple the ACTIONS are much harder. Want to know why BIG is sought after and respected? Because it takes HARD WORK and hours upon days upon years spent in the gym.

Do you have what it takes to get BIG in 2016?

Until next Time, Stay Wicked

-R. Whitesel


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