4 Rules to Better Cardio

We asked Titan Athlete, prep coach and champion classic physique competitor Drew Bishop to give us some insight to his cardio routine and just what he thought works best for fat loss. Here’s the routine he and wife Jennifer did as they lead up to their last competition. 

No one type of cardio works best, just like you wouldn’t do just one exercise to develop a body part. While leading up to the Missouri State Championships, Jen and I did both steady state and HIIT cardio. 

We would start each weekday morning with a 4 am HIIT cardio session (fasted). We did several variations and tried not to get hooked on one specific workout or style. Later in the evening after training we would do 20-60 min of steady state cardio usually consisting of fast paced walking outside. 

Why the time variation? While I’d like to tell you we had some scientific formula that varied how long we needed to walk to burn the most fat, the truth is much simpler. We listened to our bodies. On days we were spend, physically or mentally and didn’t feel like doing any cardio we did only 20 mins. On days we felt rested and had more in the tank, we went the extra mile, literally!

While you might not be training for an upcoming competition and don’t need the 2 sessions a day the same rules apply. Vary your cardio by type and take advantage of the days you feel good and burn off those extra stubborn calories. On days you don’t feel like doing much of anything, give yourself a challenge to push through just a short routine, you’ll be glad you did! 

Our cardio rules:

  1. Shock your body be doing varied HIIT and steady state cardio workouts.
  2. If you feel good, keep going.  
  3. On your toughest days, push yourself to get a small victory. 
  4. Nothing matters more than CONSISTENCY! 

Train hard, be consistent, be patient and the results will follow. 

Yours in fitness, 






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