5 Training Myths Revealed

There are plenty of exercise misconceptions in the world, some of which may be holding you back from reaching your goals. Do the following 5 exercise myths sound familiar?

Myth 1) You should make sure to eat before you exercise.
Experiment with what works best for you. Try training on an empty stomach and see how you feel. Then instead of going hungry, enjoy a small, nutritious snack about 90 minutes before you exercise. See how you feel after that and make adjustments. The right time to eat or stop eating before you train is whatever has you feeling and performing at your best.  

Myth 2) Cardio is more effective for weight loss than weights.
Cardio alone is never as effective as a routine that also includes resistance training. Strength training is essential for building lean tissue, which increases your metabolism and decreases your body fat. Do your cardio but don’t skip the weight room!

Myth 3) If you exercise enough, then you can eat anything you want.
Whoa, not even close! Even if you exercise daily at an intense rate, your diet is  still the most important factor in weight gain or reduction. To top it off, most people overestimate how many calories they burn as well as underestimating how many calories they are eating. This can be a dangerous combo.

Myth 4) For optimal fat burn, exercise longer at a low intensity.
Intensity matters when it comes to getting great results so do a workout that challenges you. Higher intensity workouts will keep you burning calories at faster rate long after the workout is over.

5) Unless you exercise often, exercise is a waste of time.
Research continues to prove that any exercise is better than zero exercise. So you can only exercise once a week? Do it. Any exercise is better than zero exercise. Don’t have much time? Do a 50/50 workout! Pick two movements that require no equipment like squats, lunges, push-ups, sit-ups etc. Do 50 of each and call it a workout! You can do this anywhere and avoid putting up a zero for the day.  

Just remember:
Be Consistent: exercise at least 3 times each week
Be Challenged: keep your routine intense
Be Patient: true fitness results take time
Be Excited: find a form of exercise that you love

Try out my trainer tip on your next visit to your gym, fitness center, or home gym.

Happy Workouts!
Molly Wichman
Life Transformations Personal Training

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