Boost Your Immune Health

Boost Your Immune Health

Owner of Titan Nutrition, Brian King dives into the main points on how to keep your immune, and digestive system functioning properly.

Your Immune system is 70% of your gut health, so it would be wise to start your focus on your Gut, if you’re someone who is constantly fighting colds, viruses, and digestive issues it's probably safe to say that you might have what science refers to as a leaky gut. So how can you fix this? Turn your focus to your nutrition, and incorporate a whole foods diet, ditch the processed foods, and sugars. 

SLEEP… Just how important is sleep for your immune system? Well, science shows that having 7-8 hours of sleep a night helps your body reach proper recovery from your intense exercises or daily activities. When your body properly recovers then your immune system, and digestive system also recovers. When your body does not get a proper amount of sleep each night it goes on a rampant and that's when inflammation and digestive issues come into play, which will go straight to attacking your immune system. Once your body is in overdrive you start to notice you just don’t feel good. So sleep is a SUPER important piece of the puzzle when we are speaking of your immune system and digestive health. 

If you’re someone who has trouble settling down at night and continues to toss and turn throughout the night then check out Titan Nutrition’s Reststor its filled with natural ingredients to help relax your body prior to bed, and also helps you reach the REM phase of sleep which is what you need in order to properly reset your system for the next day. Another thing we love about Reststor is it has added digestive enzymes to help properly break down your last meal, and provide your digestive system with an extra boost through the night.

Titan Nutrition has PURGreens a supplement for those who lack in well…. with eating your greens, and berries but what makes this product super crucial is that on top of the greens, and berries this formula has added probiotics. Not only will you be feeding your body complete whole foods but you also will be feeding your digestive system the healthy bacteria you need in order to maintain a healthy gut. 

In addition to eating more of a proper diet with whole foods, and taking your probiotics there are also a few vitamins, and minerals that play a crucial part in maintaining a healthy functioning gut, and immune system. A great way to make sure you're getting those crucial vitamins, and minerals into your system are by adding a multivitamin to your daily regimen. 

Titan Nutrition Essential multivitamins have every vitamin, and mineral you need but also go the extra step with a high dose of (Vitamin D 2,000IUs) which is super important for a very active athlete. 

If we want to dive in on a supplement that is starting to receive a ton of attention since the pandemic started, let’s talk about NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) which is a stable form of the amino acid L-Cysteine. NAC helps stop the spread of Viruses, and Radicals from multiplying once they enter your system. In studies, it has been shown to stop viruses, and bacteria from replicating into and invading your healthy cells. It also helps increase glutathione which is vital for your body's immune system, it helps align the gut which is about 70% of your body’s immune system. 

Next on the list to a vital immune system is something that a lot of people seem to skip out on when asked if they take an EPA and DHA supplement. In today's world our fish, chicken, cattle, and pork are fed high doses of grains which then depletes our meat from high levels of Omega 3’s, and instead, in return, we get high doses our Omega 6. 

Since Omega 3’s are crucial crucial crucial to having a healthy functioning immune system, and gut unless you’re eating organic grass-fed meats you should be taking a good high dose supplement of Omega 3’s EPA and DHA’s. 

Titan Nutrition Lipno N-3 is a triple strength Omega 3 supplement that contains high doses of both DHA, and EPA, and they have added lemon oil so you don't have that fishy aftertaste that usually scares people away.

 Adding this high dose of Omega 3’s can help reduce the amount of Omega 6’s you absorb through your foods, and they also are a natural anti-inflammatory helping to reduce the stress on your heart, and pulmonary system which in return will give your immune system a natural boost. 

Your digestive system and your diet are so crucial to achieving healthy well-being, making sure that we are feeding our body the proper nutrients and foods is a must if we are trying to achieve good health. Supplements were created to supplement a healthy diet, and help us in areas we struggle in. Adding these vitamins, and minerals really will give us the boost we need to reach our goals. If you are someone struggling with gut issues or immune health please take a few of the points we touched on today, and give them a try.

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