Brodie Priestly

Brodie Priestley

Height: 5’6

Offseason Weight: 230

Competition Weight: 184

DOB: 02/10/1993


Brodie has spent most of his life being competitive. It started first with football when football was over he moved onto powerlifting to fill the void athletics had left. Before making the switch from powerlifting to bodybuilding, Brodie was able leave his mark by placing first in every category and winning overall best lifter at AAPF/AWPC World Record Breakers. Brodie also broke an American Bench Press record that stands to this day and at the time of the life broke a World Record.

Brodie made the switch from Powerlifting to Bodybuilding in 2012 to help preserve his body from the toll powerlifting was causing.  Recently, Brodie had a string success placing 1st in the 2016 Tahoe Show at Middleweight and 1st in the Nevada State Championships in 2017. When Brodie is not preparing for his own competitions, he spends his time working with various clients, ranging from bodybuilders to clients who want to look good poolside.

In his free time from owning his own business while being immersed in the supplement industry, you can catch him writing music or hooked on an interesting read. If you are lucky, he may even break out the trumpet and play for you.

Brodie’s hard work and passion for sharing his knowledge of fitness and nutrition are what make him a valued member of Team Titan. 

We have high hopes for Brodie as he has all the tools necessary to take his career to the next level, keep watching this young talent!


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