Type II Collagen and Joint Health

You don’t realize how much your joints can affect your day until they start affecting your day negatively! If you have achy and sore joints from the wear and tear of life, your well-being can start to decline. Uncomfortable joints make it really hard to get in the gym and train with the intensity that …

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The Power Behind KickIn™

How much thought goes into your pre-workout? Do you just look for ones that look cool or are named cool flavors? Is the label flashy so it means you should take it? Consider the ingredients of a pre-workout, they’re more important than just the label or flavor. To say the use of pre-workouts are a …

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PUMP™ – Maximize Workout Capacity

Have you been looking at Bro-Pump ingredients all wrong? Odds are you have! We are sure you didn’t realize the training enhancement benefits of the different nitric oxide (NO) boosters. SO, listen up because we are going to change your thinking and improve your workout capacity to take your training to the next level! L-Citrulline …

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3 Factors That May Extend Your Life

Live strong and prosper! Often exercise is thought of as a way to stay healthy and look good naked. Our training should go beyond an aesthetics based focus. Yes, exercise keeps you healthy but did you actually know that certain factors inside of our exercise regimen may actually extend your life AND keep you healthy …

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Is your poor sleep affecting your fat loss?

How important do you think sleep is? Sleep plays such a pivotal role in our overall health and fitness. Sleep is important for hormone function, metabolism, recovery from workouts, and much more. Is your poor sleep affecting your fat loss? A lot of things can be said about sleep and your overall sense of general …

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What Is Collagen?

Who needs bone broth? What’s the point of bone broth? Well…..bone broth may be the answer to some different health issues. Joints bothering you? Having digestive issues? Perhaps you are wanting to put up a fight against Father Time?! Bone broth may be the “hottest trend in health” today, even though it is centuries old. …

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