Celine Gonzales

Height: 5’2image4

Weight: 112 lbs

Contest Weight: 106

Hometown: Cerritos, CA

Current City Norwalk, CA

Celine Gonzales is a bikini competitor and fitness instructor who has a passion for training and competition. Keeping fit is a way of life and this mother of three finds that making the time to workout not only helps her physically but also keeps her up to the mental tasks kids can challenge you with!

Growing up staying fit was just a part of her life as she was a year round athlete competing in volleyball, basketball and track and field, where she excelled as a middle distance runner. Being a stubborn competitor she was constantly pushing herself to win. This early willingness to suffer to achieve her goals helped shape her mental toughness in all aspects of her life.image2 (2)

Celine credits fitness and the discipline it takes to compete to keeping her away from a path of drugs and alcohol that many of her peers fell into. Having set her life on a healthy and happy path she works to change other peoples lives as a fitness coach and personal trainer.

Celine walks the walk and is a true inspiration to those who she trains and follow her. We are proud to have her representing the Titan Nutrition brand and look forward to being a part of her journey in helping others.