Glutes: Advanced ASSet Training

We should begin this gluteus lesson with a big bite of truth. There is A LOT of focus on having a great rear! While wealyson b-w back all want a well-rounded physique, nowhere is it more important than on a lady’s back side.
If you ladies compete in bikini, figure, or physique your posterior is what’s taking center stage. As they say, shows are won from the back, for the guys that may mean barn door wide lats, but for the fairer sex it falls just below the back and above your hamstrings, your butt baby! Here’s how I “train my ass off” to keep it on.
In all my training splits I have a traditional leg day, squats, extensions, curls, presses etc. What I do different is, instead of having a second hamstring day or quad day, I have a butt day. I may do this workout with another muscle group like shoulders or after some Olympic lifts and plyos. It varies in exercise and sets but hear are some of my favorites.
Hip abductor machine:
I use this as a warm up not stopping for rest since only one leg at a time is working. 5 sets of 20, increasing weight each time… alternating 5 full reps with 5s hold and 5 half reps with huge squeeze at top until reac
h 20.
Glute/ham raise with barbell or ez curl bar 4×15-20:
I like to do these with a barbell and sit on the ground in front of a flat bench making a T with the bench and your body. I lay my arms and shoulder blades flat across the bench and position my feet about a foot apart on the ground in front of me. Then, lay the easy curl bar/barbell across your lower tummy below your hips. When you have the bar balanced lift your hips as far as possible while squeezing your glutes and hams. You want your knees to make a perfect 90-degree angle heals close together with toes pointed slightly out. Muscle focus is import
ant on this exercise so that you don’t put a lot of pressure/strain on your back.
Romanian Dead Lifts 3×10-15:
Most everyone has done a version of these but here are a few reminders. Try to keep your legs as straight as possible without locking your knees. When your squeezing your glutes and hams to pull the barbell into the upright position always try to squeeze by driving your feet into the ground in attempt to try to turn them outward, like you are trying to push your toes outward while squeezing to pull up. Stop the motion before your shoulders are over your hips so the strains stays on your hams.
Single leg lateral seated leg press (sitting sideways) 3×12-15: 
Try these after finishing on the leg press. Sit sideways, with your side against the leg press seat. Place one foot on the leg press with toes pointing slightly outward as if you were going to squat. Then allow your leg/knee to come as close to your chest as possible.
Sumo squats with KB 3×20:
Grab a kettle bell or dumbbell and position the weight in both hands. Point toes as far out as possible with your legs set in a wide stance. Make sure your knees point in the same direction as your toes. You do not want your knees to extend over your ankles when your in a squatting position. SO, wide stance, toes pointed out, squeeze your buns at the top…. now Squat!
Jeffersons 3×12 each:
These are the hardest to describe. I would recommend searching for a video if you need more details. Stand over a bar with a staggered stance. The front foot points straight ahead, while the back foot is pointing slightly outward. Squat down and grab the bar one hand in front of you one hand behind you. Stand up and sqweeeeeeeze!
Try this workout once a week and very soon your best asset will be following you everywhere you go!
 -Alyson Dallas

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