Isaac Childers

Height 5’91558816-400x400

Weigh: 235

Contest Weight: 184

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Training Facility: Golds Gym

Isaac Childers is a St. Louis native with a passion for all things gym. Never a fan of team sports Isaac admits he was always more of a loaner. It was his fathers’ love for powerlifting that got him involved in weight training. Competitive bodybuilding has served as an outlet for Isaac to test his limits, once he started competing his determination had him hooked.

Isaac did not always have the sculpted physique you see on sage today. In fact it wasn’t until he was fed up with living an unhealthy lifestyle that he decided to do something about it and started hitting the weights. He has always been an extremist and the hours in the gym paid dividends. Eventually coach Tony Friedrich III took notice and they started working together in prep for a show.

Since competing for the first time Isaac has strung together three more shows improving each time with the most recent show resulting in a win of the middleweight class.

Isaac’s loaner mentality combine with a willingness to grind beyond what most people will endure has proved effective in his early bodybuilding career. With such a determination to win, we look forward to seeing what he will accomplish in the future.