Katie Hoganmiller

Height: 5’7″

Off season weight : 170

Stage weight: 140

Training Facility: Golds gym

Residence: O’Fallon, MO

Katie grew up with humble roots in a small farming community of St. Genevieve Missouri. Growing up on a farm with two brothers, she learned quickly it pays to be strong! She admits to having developed a stubborn spirit credited to her mom. Growing up the Hoganmiller kids knew nothing was going to be given, it had to be earned.

Katie was a multi sport stand out in high competing in both volleyball and track though she never had her heart set on either sport. It wasn’t until her college years at Missouri State University that she began weight training while studying Radiology. Her training began on the treadmill and after starting a part time job at a local gym, her weight training journey began. Katie was quick to put on muscle and enjoyed learning about training and nutrition.

It was with the help of a good friend at the gym that Katie decided to train for her first show competing in figure. In 2013 she had a class win at the Missouri State Championships but instead of testing the national stage, she ditched the heals and began competing in women’s physique. Now (2016) after a win in women’s physique she plans on taking on the national level competitors. Katie credits her coach Tony Friedrich with her continuous progress. 

Katie stubborn attitude and persistent drive have set her on a path of achieving her goals. We have no doubt Katie will continue to climb to the top of the ranks in women’s physique or whatever she sets her mind to!

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