Kre-Ex Still The Champ


To continue to be the best a champion must constantly continue to do whatever it takes to stay at the top. They must grow their skill set and evolve as new competitors and innovations arise.


This is exactly what keeps KRE-EX at the top of the pre-workout food chain.  At Titan Nutrition we didn’t “invent” a new ingredient or come up with a flashy proprietary compound so secret no one can see it.


We developing the new KRE-EX by building on what was already a winning formula. We made improvements in areas we felt gave you the most bang for your buck.  Adding only scientifically proven ingredients that have been around for years, even decades, and blending them in real doses you can see for yourself on the label.  We then tweaked the formula slightly with the latest developments over the last few years in the supplement industry to give you better focus and drive during your workouts. A feeling that lasts long after you leave the gym.


With nearly two pounds of raw material in each bottle stuffed into 30 servings KRE-EX is more than JUST a pre-workout. Maybe it’s “unfair” to compare it to other products who fit only that category? After all it has a Creatine Stack, a full Nitric Oxide Stack, Endurance agents, BCAA’s, Energy and Focus Stack, and more. We just thought maybe you’d like it all put together for you in one nice and neat great tasting product.


Unfair? Na, we all have the same opportunities. To be a champ you have to be willing to do more, to exceed expectations and deliver.




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