KRE-EX…The Next Generation


KRE-EX has always been the flagship product of the Titan Nutrition line. Since it’s first introduction over 11 years ago this formula has undergone many changes, revisions and steady upgrades to keep its place at the top of the Pre-Workout food chain! This new KRE-EX formula was upgraded using innovative ingredients to induce maximum blood flow (vasodilation) while you train, now with more focus and motivation than any KRE-EX in the past!    

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Goal Number 1: Improve Physical Performance and Strength   

If you’re like us you don’t just train to get your exercise in. You want results. You want to see improvements in your physique with bigger harder muscles, moving heavier weight and getting more reps. You want a pre workout that is actually going to make a difference in your appearance and performance. KRE-EX was created to do just that!

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Goal Number 2: More Energy, Focus and Motivation with No Crash 

Call us crazy but we believe your hear rate should be elevated because you’re working out, not because you took a pre workout. KRE-EX uses 275 milligrams of natural caffeine anhydrous for a light nut noticeable energy boost, increasing muscular endurance and strength. We then added DMAE, a choline metabolite to elevate mood and the amino acid  L-Tyrosine to sharpen the mind and give you laser intensity while you train.

Goal Number 3: Momentum: Finish Your Workout Strong

Now with more energy in the take we wanted to be able to train as hard at the end of our workout as we did in the beginning. KRE-EX has 2 grams of Beta-alanine to reduce exercise induced fatigue and increase your overall workload. Betaine Anhydrous improves force production and muscular endurance so you can train strong long into your workout.  A full dose of BCAA’s were included to prevent muscle breakdown and maximize energy production. 

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At Titan Nutrition we didn’t invent the pre-workout, we just set a goal to PERFECT IT! 

It’s not bragging when you have a product like KRE-EX that speaks for itself with fully dosed ingredients and complete details and disclosures right there on the label for the world to see. We have set a high standard for ourselves at Titan, one our customers expect to see and feel when they use our products.

If you want to know how a pre workout is supposed to make you feel, one that actually works to make you bigger and stronger, gives you focus and energy with no crash…you need to try KRE-EX, the Next Generation.   Now let’s get to it, for exclusive first look access CLICK HERE!!!!