Make TIME Work for you

Time is an amazing thing, it has no beginning nor ending. It is all around us and is constant just like the air you breathe. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, only count and divide time. Not only are these forms of measurement to track time but they are essential tools to use for your fitness goals. I know what you are probably thinking; how are minutes or hours or even seconds going to play into losing five pounds?

First thing I always hear when it comes to fitness goals is ” I don’t have time” or “I never get a break from my family or kids.” When it comes to setting fitness goals you are absolutely right it is very demanding. You do need to set aside “time” to complete daily exercises and make healthy choices on food. When I first started my fitness career I was in the military and worked from 6am till 5pm. The last thing I wanted to do was go to the gym for an hour or an hour and a half. That didn’t sound like fun to me, it sounded like work.  I sat down and decided I was going to write down exactly what I do during the day, I created a time log. I tracked everything from when I was going to work to when and what I was eating, when I was watching TV, etc. The first thing I learned after completing a days worth of logging was that I spent allot of time on the computer when I was off of work and playing Xbox. I couldn’t believe how much time I was wasting! After discovering where I was wasting time, I eliminated it and filled that void with the gym to better my body, to create a fitter and healthier me.

Find someone that is passionate about exercising or has a goal that involves fitness so when you do exercise you have a partner who will motivate you. 90% of the time that people start to go to the gym quit after or during their first month because they think it’s boring or just don’t enjoy exercising. Having a buddy to train with can make it fun! There’s not one reason that it should be a chore to do, the results you both get will be contagious. Build in a reward yourself for going to the gym for 5 days in a row or going for the entire month without skipping a workout.

Time management is key! If you sit down for 30-90 minutes to watch TV a night when you haven’t worked out, you are wasting 30-90 minutes of time that you could be exercising. Now I’m not saying you need to drive to the gym just to workout for 30 minutes and drive back. I am saying get outside and go for a run, walk, or even do some HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Things like this can be done within a short amount of time and burn a ton of calories. There are several body weight exercises available to you on the Internet. You may think I’m never going to lose that unwanted fat or gain the strength or size I want with your own body weight but don’t be fooled. There are some great routines out there that can increase strength, size, and increase fat lose. The important part is to DO SOMETHING! If you do track your time and find your nights are full because of family obligations but you are sleeping for more then 8 hours then you need to set that alarm for an hour earlier, get up and go exercise!

Give yourself the Time you need to exercise and feel better about yourself. I promise you will see a more energized happier, more confident person staring back at you in the mirror. Don’t let time beat you, beat time and take advantage of something as simple as 30 minutes.

Yours in fitness,

tyler sandell



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