Molly Wichman

Height: 5’ 4
Weight: 145
Contest Weight: 130
Residence: Lee’s Summit, MO

Molly has been an athlete since a young age. She started in the fitness industry as a college job and fell in love with helping people live a healthy lifestyle. 

Living a busy life with an active family, working full time, and owning a small business doesn’t leave much extra hours in the day.  Fitness has to be a priority to get it done. Your personal health does take time and dedication but is well worth the added time and effort and can be achieved by anyone.

When there is an athletic challenge, Molly likes to take it on. After a break from the NPC Figure Stage, she decided to try out the Fitness division. After winning several local NPC Fitness Shows, she earned her IFBB Pro Card at 2013 NPC Fitness Nationals, her first national level shows. Competing in IFBB Fitness/Figure, off road adventure races, ½ Marathons, hiking, and adventurous bike rides/mountain bike trips keep her taste for competition and adventure wet.

Molly and her husband, Robert Wichman, own Life Transformations Personal Training in Lee’s Summit, MO and coach Team PROformations. They pay close attention to each aspect of their business to make sure our customers receive the best fitness experience. Incorporating their love for fitness into their business life helps them to be successful and passionate about our work.

We are proud to have Molly representing Titan, not only as an athlete but a great ambassador for the fitness and wellness industry! 

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