Preworkout “stops working.” Why and how to get it back

What’s up, guys? Brian here with Titan Nutrition, coming at you prerecorded and totally edited. I got my man Brenton here. We’re going to be talking to you today about preworkouts, and kind of where the industry has gone with these that get into higher and higher and higher. Little PSA: this is not to sell you our preworkouts, rather just to give you some information to tell you a little about what we think of that category in the industry. We think we have some great ones. We’re going to link them up below so you can take a look at what we put together, where we’ve seen the industry go. It’s something we know a little bit about, and something we first entered the market in 11 years ago now.

It’s not that preworkouts. People, they’ll say, “This preworkout stopped working. What’s stronger?” It’s not that that preworkout stopped working. In fact, the ingredients in a lot of these products are the same. Your body stopped responding. Your adrenal glands stopped responding. It’s the same. Your body adapts. If you have the same exposure over and over and over, those adrenal glands stop giving you the same up from the products, so you need a higher threshold. Like a drug, you need a higher threshold to get the same pick-me-up from that product.

Stop using it every day. Man, I hate … you know, we want to sell you a product, but you shouldn’t have to take a preworkout every single time to get up for a workout. Get on a regular sleep cycle. There are products you can take. We have one, Restore, you can take to reset your adrenal glands, get those working again. If you’re getting sleep, you’re going to be more likely to get up, be able to work out. Sometimes going cold turkey’s the easiest thing to do until you can get back and take that preworkout and have it work again.

Preworkout, I mean, it really depends on your goal. If you’re wanting to get bigger, get stronger, then you want a preworkout that has creatine in it, you want your pump products to get nutrients, oxygen into those muscles. Having a pump is fun, so you want those products. Ironically, some of the products with a really high stim end up having ingredients like yohimbe and bitter orange or synephrine, however it’s on the label, and they end up really constricting your blood vessels, and you can’t get that pump. If you’re having these huge stimulants you’re buying, but it has a pump complex in it too, you’re kind of canceling each other out by buying a pump product that has a ton of stimulants in it too. They don’t always go together.

Guys, when you’re taking a preworkout and you think it stopped working, or you think, “Man, I need to start taking 2 scoops. I need to find a stronger one,” maybe that’s when it’s time to be a little smarter about it and ask, “How can I get my body reset and get that same amount I was taking when I first started taking my preworkout,” whatever it is, Titan or otherwise, and make sure it feels the same with the first time you take it this time as it did when you first bought it and loved it.


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