PurGreens™ – Gut Check Time

Taking daily care of your gut health is one of the most important things you can do for overall wellness. A healthy gut leads to faster recovery, better immune function, higher metabolism, less bloat and more energy.  PurGreens™ improves gut health through multiple pathways.


Dark leafy greens and dark berries and beets act as detoxifiers by neutralizing metals and mutant cells, helping the liver and kidneys excrete them out of the body. We commonly refer to these nutrients as antioxidants. These ingredients are incredibly mineral dense delivering massive amounts of nutrition to the body in a small, easily digestible package. These nutrients are fibrous, providing 3 grams of fiber in just one scoop of PurGreens™. As they work their way through the gastric tract they nourish the digestive system and help clean out other foods to be processed as waste.   


Craft with 10 billion probiotics from 10 different strains PurGreens™ works to soothe digestion and support nutrient partitioning throughout the body. By increasing the good microorganisms in the gut, processing foods becomes easier and creates less inflammation. The reduction of inflammation increases many bodily functions and in return leaves you feeling less bloated and more energetic! Digestive enzymes were also added to aid in the absorption of nutrients from all the macronutrients you eat. Supplementing with these enzymes assists in the building of new muscle and nerve cells. They also can help relieve discomfort from gas, bloating and inflammatory reactions to foods.


Now hear what some are already saying after taking PurGreens™


“I’ve tried going old school and doing it my way for years, buying produce and putting them in the juicer. No More! After just 4 days I could feel the difference PurGreens makes. I feel way less bloat and have more energy on LESS caffeine! So, no more mess to clean up or produce that goes bad. I’ll still eat my veggies but this is the new my way!”

-Shawna C.


“Finally, a green that doesn’t taste like grass clippings! I’m on day 12 and actually look forward to my PurGreens every morning. It took only a couple servings before I felt less bloated full all the time. I wasn’t trying to lose weight but I am consistently 4 pounds lighter when I weigh at night. I’ll take it!”

-Laurie M.


“I don’t eat salad and I couldn’t tell you where the kale is at the grocery store. After a scare from my doctor, I decided to clean up the diet and do more cardio. Still no salad but this I can drink! I was skeptical that I would notice anything but I actually feel better and my appetite has increased. The more food the better! Thanks, Titan!”

-Scott D.  


“I was so glad to see you were finally making a greens product! Even more excited after trying it and almost instantly got rid of my stomach issues/bloat from some foods! I will be forever taking this!”

-Emily A. 

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