ReBUILD™ – Post Workout Recovery Shake

Your teacher told you, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” For school children who need brain fuel to concentrate until lunch, we can’t argue with sweet Mrs. Smith.

However, if your goal is to gain lean muscle mass and recover so you can train hard again tomorrow, breakfast needs to take backseat priority to your post-workout meal!

The first meal you consume following your workout – sometimes referred to as the “post-workout window” – provides a unique opportunity to maximize the impact of the work you just put in at the gym. While there is no hard-and-fast timeframe for this window, working out is a catabolic activity (which means it initiates muscle breakdown), so the sooner you introduce fuel back into your system, the sooner your body can return to an anabolic (muscle building) state. Before we address the nutritional needs of an athlete following a workout, let’s first dive into what takes place inside the body during a workout and how these biological factors can be addressed.

During resistance training, working muscles sustain microscopic tears when those muscles contract, especially during eccentric or lengthening muscle contractions. The working muscles use amino acids as energy, either from a dietary source available in the bloodstream or from the muscle itself. Glycogen stored inside the muscle cells is also depleted, as it is the body’s preferred source of energy during high-intensity exercise. As calories are burned, the body heats up and causes you to sweat, releasing fluid from the body and depleting minerals known as electrolytes that are responsible for regulating bodily fluids. Waste from this hypercharged cellular metabolism then circulates throughout the body and, if left unchecked, can lead to excessive oxidation and inflammation. B-vitamins are used in overdrive to mobilize stored fuel from carbohydrates and then fats to be burned as energy. With all of this taking place internally every time you work out, how can you even begin to address your body’s recovery needs, let alone come back refreshed, rejuvenated, and stronger for your next workout?

Titan Nutrition® simplified it for you with ReBUILD™! This scientifically-developed post-workout formula fulfills all of your body’s muscle building and recovery needs, in one delicious shake you consume after each workout.

The naturally-occurring amino acids found in fast-acting, microfiltered whey protein isolate, along with free form Branched-Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) added to the formula quickly stop catabolism after training and increase nitrogen levels to fuel muscle protein synthesis. In this now anabolic state, your body begins to repair muscle tissue broken down during training.

Fast-acting monosaccharide carbohydrates from dextrose push these amino acids into the skeletal muscles, where carbohydrates are quickly converted into glycogen to speed recovery and replenish glycogen stores for your next workout. Dextrose – unlike other monosaccharides or simple sugars such as sucrose and fructose – does not have to enter the liver to restore liver glycogen before heading to the muscle cells. This direct shuttle makes dextrose an ideal post-workout carbohydrate.

The fast-acting proteins and carbohydrates found in ReBUILD™ reduce protein degradation, which also reduces muscle soreness and turns on protein synthesis for maximum muscle building. Larger muscles burn more calories and translate to increased strength.

When it comes to muscle growth, we didn’t stop at simple carbohydrates and fast proteins. ReBUILD™ leaves nothing on the table for your post-workout muscle development. Creatine was added to increase skeletal muscle volume, also increasing its capacity for nutrients and energy conversion. While you can supplement with creatine anytime, taking it with a fast-acting carbohydrate is ideal since carbohydrates act as a catalyst to shuttle nutrients into the muscle cells. The effects of creatine are enhanced with the addition of betaine, which work together to increase force production from working muscles. Insulin mimickers were also added to drive carbohydrates out of the bloodstream and into skeletal muscle to be stored as energy in the now creatine-enhanced muscle cells. This is all great for advancing muscle growth, but what about the waste build-up and electrolyte loss you just experienced?

Oxidation is a part of exercise metabolism and, without it, muscle growth can be stifled. You can, however, have too much of (dare we say it) a good thing! Too much oxidation causes free radicals to damage healthy cells and also causes inflammation, which can keep you from training as hard (or even worse, not at all) the next day. To counter this, ReBUILD™ was enhanced with antioxidants, which defend against the buildup of free radicals. It was also enhanced with Flex Form® Joint Complex for immediate joint protection, allowing your joints to heal and recover just as well as your muscles. After all, you’re going to need both your muscles and your joints feeling good before you can train again!

Vital vitamins and minerals were used and depleted during your last workout, and the best time to replace them for maximum hydration is immediately following training. ReBUILD™ was enhanced with electrolytes to regulate your temperature and transfer the fluids you just consumed following your workout. It was also enhanced with a B-vitamin complex to revitalize your mind and body. These vitamins not only help convert fuel to energy in the skeletal muscles, but also work to alleviate “brain fog”.

The body is a complex machine. Fueling it for consistent growth, performance, and recovery can feel like a complicated post-workout equation that requires chemistry and biology degrees to solve. With ReBUILD™, we’ve removed those confusing equations and all the guesswork. All you have to remember is your reps, sets, and one post-workout shake! If you bring the intensity and want results to match, ReBUILD™ is your complete post-workout construction catalyst!*

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