Ryan Whitesel

Ryan Whitesel

Height: 6’1

Weight: 265

Contest Weight: 235

Residence: Springfield, MO


Ryan Whitesel grew up with humble roots, born and raised in Nixa Missouri. He started his training career at the age of 14 when the love of football introduced him to weight training.

Ryan competed as a multi sport athlete earning All-State honors and a college football scholarship. Winning a conference championship with the Missouri Valley Vikings highlighted his college career.

Ryan has always loved to train and competing. After his college football days ended he immediately set his sights on bodybuilding. With only 3 years of training under his belt he won the heavyweight class at the 2015 Missouri State Championships.

Recognizing his talent and potential he became a member of Titan Nutrition in July of that year. Ryan now has his full focus on training with his sights set on the national stage.

Ryan’s dedication to the sport and willingness to push his body to the limits is paying off. Making huge off-season improvements we expect Ryan to take the national stage by storm and begin his chase for the IFBB.

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