Shannon Seeley

Shannon Seeley

Off Season Weight: 160-170

Stage Weight: 130-140

Training Facility: Royal Oak Gym, Powerhouse Gym 

Residence: Leonard, MI

Shannon had a different start in her athletic career than most competitors.  While she was a young athlete she struggled with her relationship with food for over 2 decades.  Mixing the yo-yo dieting, bulimia and cross-country running, Shannon was a unhealthy and unhappy. 

After a serious leg injury halted her running career, Shannon turned to the gym and learned very slowly how to love her body as she found out what it truly was capable of with proper training and nurtition. Soon after this discovery the fever for competition was ignited and has never burnt out. Shannon went from a 115 lbs runner, to a lean and healthy 165 lb physique competitor and has never been more confident.   Shannon has been competing in the women’s physique division for the past 6 years. She is a National level NPC competitor and a former Miss Michigan Physique winner.  Each year she works to improve her physique, getting ever closer to that IFBB stage. 

She credits much of her success to her Coach, Bill Tocco, of War Room Nutrition for all of his diet and training advice. He works closely with Shannon both on season and off season to ensure she always keeps her physique in the proper conditioning for each season.    

Shannon is not unlike a lot of competitors and struggles to find a balance with the off season and body image once in a while. Luckily with the help her fiancée Kyle and her friends and family, Shannon says she has an amazing support system and wouldn’t have gotten as far as she could without them. 

Shannon is also an ACE certified Master Trainer with a bachelors in Health Science.
She enjoys sharing her story and experiences with her clients.  Her passion is to help those who need to find their inner strength to overcome their personal obstacles and feel better about themselves both mentally and physically.  

We are proud to have Shannon on Team Titan, both as an athlete and role model for others! 

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