Shela Roles

Height: 5’4

Weight: 135

Contest Weight: 123

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Current City: Nixa, Missouri

Shela’s journey to the figure stage and to becoming a member of Team Titan was very different than most. She did not have the path most take from competitive athletics, to the gym and wanting to compete once again on stage. She admits she was not a healthy kid and growing up didn’t have a healthy relationship with food. It was not until after college that she even dared to enter the weight room. For the first time she saw positive changes in her body. Then, she was hooked!

Once I had accomplished my weight loss goal, I needed something new to work toward. This is when I decided to begin competing in bodybuilding shows. I wanted to look like the girls on the fitness magazines. Again, I was hooked! I have been competing on & off since 2010 now & can be found at just about every show in the area either as a spectator or competitor!

shelatransformationOnly after an amazing weight loss transformation did the urge for more have her look into competitive figure competitions. In 2010 she took to the stage for her first figure competition. She has been competing ever since and has entrenched herself in the bodybuilding lifestyle and community.

Unlike many in the support who only show their tough exterior Shela has been able to offer clients and friends her human side. She, like many of us admits to continuing to struggle with the ups and downs of dieting, weight loss, and other real life battles that she faces. She has motivated others by channeling this struggle into perseverance and turned her struggles into a success story.

Shela now runs her own personal training business at Rage Fitness Center in Nixa Missouri. Her passion for fitness goes far beyond her competitive ambitions. Shela is focused on growing her business by helping others face their fitness and health challenges and make positive changes in the lives of her clients and friends.

For more information on Shela visit her at Empowered Fitness

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