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  • Kre-Ex Still The Champ -   To continue to be the best a champion must constantly continue to do whatever it takes to stay at the top. They must grow their skill set and evolve as new competitors and innovations arise.   This is exactly what keeps KRE-EX at the top of the pre-workout food chain.  At Titan Nutrition we …

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  • 5 Things to avoid in a PreWorkout -    1. Too much Caffeine  Caffeine is Americas favorite drug, some of us can’t function without it. Caffeine is fine and can even provide some health benefits in moderation. That’s the key and moderation is not a strong suit when it comes to caffeine in the supplement world. Many products on the shelves are going …

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  • KRE-EX…The Next Generation - THE NEXT GENERATION OF KRE-EX IS HERE KRE-EX has always been the flagship product of the Titan Nutrition line. Since it’s first introduction over 11 years ago this formula has undergone many changes, revisions and steady upgrades to keep its place at the top of the Pre-Workout food chain! This new KRE-EX formula was upgraded using …

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  • Preworkout “stops working.” Why and how to get it back - What’s up, guys? Brian here with Titan Nutrition, coming at you prerecorded and totally edited. I got my man Brenton here. We’re going to be talking to you today about preworkouts, and kind of where the industry has gone with these that get into higher and higher and higher. Little PSA: this is not to …

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Northwest Ohio Throws Academy (verified owner)

    I’ve been using creatine for over 25 years, in that time I have used many different products. Kre-Ex was the first product for me that delivered everything I was looking for in one product and more. I’ve now been using Kre-Ex for about 8 years (from my mid 30s to my mid 40s) and have seen and can definitely feel the difference it makes in my training, which is strength/performance and physic based. Not only is Kre-Ex a great product, Titan Nutrition is a great company to be involved with, they have a ton more great products, which they stand behind, and care they about their customers! They have great customer follow up and provide education on all their products. They just do it right!

    As for Kre-Ex flavors, they are all great, if I had to recomend one, you can’t go wrong with Rock Candy!

    “Train Hard! Train Smart! Train with Heart!”
    Justin Carvalho MS
    Battleground Fitness

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