Muscle Feed Stack

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Premium Whey Isolate

5lb - Titan Whey Protein

"The best tasting and best quality protein on the market!" - Shaun, Titan Customer


KRE-EX Reloaded® - Complete Pre-Workout Solution

GlycoFeed Highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin 2lb

Test Launch


Creatine 500 - Pharmaceutical Grade Micronized

Titan Branded Blender Bottle

The Muscle Feed Stack was designed for the singular purpose of building slabs of new muscle! Your diet is on point, you bust your ass in the gym, now let’s throw our entire muscle building arsenal at your goal all at once.

Test Launch and RestStor work in concert to maximize your natural hormone production, improve sleep and recovery times between workouts. Each of those workouts will start with a monster 25 gram serving of Kre-ex, delivering energy, amino acids, creatine and boosting nitric oxide levels so your focused and your muscles are well pumped the second you step into the gym.

Now the second you finish your workout you’ll have a blender bottle waiting with carbohydrates from Glycofeed and fast acting whey protein Isolate to rebuild the muscle you just put to work!

Keep your creatine levels saturated even on your day off with Creatine 500 or double dose your creatine on your workout days putting another scoop in your post workout carb and protein combo. Protein is the building block of new muscle and to make sure you’re never short on materials to build with we included a 5lb, 71 serving of Titan Whey for you to enjoy.

Happy Building!


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There are no reviews yet.

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