Glutamine 500™ – Pharmaceutical Grade Micronized

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Glutamine 500™ is 100% pure, pharmaceutical-grade L-Glutamine.

Our Micronized Pharmaceutical Grade Glutamine 500™ is ultra pure and refined for maximum digestion and assimilation into the muscles. Glutamine accounts for nearly 60% of the total amino acids found in skeletal muscle. It is crucial for regulating many functions of cellular metabolism, providing fuel for the digestive and immune systems, reduce soreness from weight training and prevent muscle breakdown.

Intense periods exercise and prolonged dieting can deplete your bodies’ natural glutamine storage. Offsetting that by supplementing with extra glutamine can increase protein synthesis, reducing recovery time and boost your immune system.

Glutamine 500™ gives you 100 servings to maximize your muscle building and dieting results!


Research suggests that L-Glutamine supports post-training recovery, reduces soreness, minimizes catabolism, increases protein synthesis, and boosts the immune system.


Glutamine 500™ is 100% pure, pharmaceutical-grade L-Glutamine.


L-Glutamine is a naturally-occurring amino acid that accounts for nearly 60% of the amino acids found in the body and approximately 30% of amino acids found in plasma.


5g L-Glutamine per serving.

Glutamine is a staple for anyone who is serious about maintaing a healthy exercise routine.*

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Mix one (1) scoop with water or your favorite beverage one to two times daily. Glutamine 500 is virtually tasteless, so the amount of liquid can vary by preference from 1-8 ounces. For optimal results, take Glutamine 500 immediately after intense training and again before bedtime.

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Intense exercise can quickly deplete L-Glutamine in muscle cells. Order Glutamine 500™ Today!


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