Shout out your Goals

If you strive to make a life changing goals, having a support system is one of the most important elements to success.  Someone that motivates you, helps keep you accountable, and supports you through your successes and failures.  I cannot stress enough how important this has been in my life, especially when it comes to my nutrition and CrossFit goals.

On the flip side, you will have people who try and weigh you down.  People who don’t really want you to change or to start spending more time at the gym.  They will think your new lifestyle and way of eating is weird and/or unhealthy, and will often times tempt you with unfavorable options. After all, MISERY DOES LOVE COMPANY!

So before you jump into a nutrition challenge or commit to a goal, make sure your friends and family are on board.  Or better yet, find a friend to do it with you!  I promise it will not only make the transition easier, it will also make it a lot more FUN!


Good Luck



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