Stage7-Meal Replacement Made Easy

Stage 7, is our high protein meal replacement protein.

It contains seven different proteins as the name suggests. Featuring fast, medium, and slow digesting proteins. It also has some carbs (12 grams), along with five grams of fiber,  six grams of fat. Those fats are from MCT oil, a healthy fat. The balanced macros allow it to digest more like a meal that’ll hold you over for a long time.
Stage7 comes in six different flavors, sugar cookie, brownie batter, cookie cream pie, toasted banana cake, strawberry shortcake, and white chocolate mocha (tastes just like a latte).

If you’re wanting to use it as a meal replacement we suggest two full scoops. If you’re wanting something just to hold you over between breakfast and lunch, or between lunch and dinner, try just one scoop.  Enjoy!
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