The Winners Sleep

We spend a third of our lives asleep. During that sleep a great deal of recovery and rebuilding takes place. It is the most important non-training time of recovery. Growth Hormone and testosterone are naturally secreted during sleep, nutrients are delivered to resting muscles allowing them to repair, your brain recharges so you can wake up motivated an focused on a new day. 

While it would be nice if we could all sleep fantastic and get 8-9 hours a night the truth is probably far from it. While we can’t buy you more time to sleep we can help you maximize the recovery and quality of sleep you get in time you have. RestStor was created to do just that!

Key Points

  1. You don’t have to be a bad sleeper to benefit from RestStor.
  2. Inadequate sleep lowers your immune system, inviting illness.
  3. You’re not overtraining, you’re under sleeping.


The benefits of Titan Nutrition’sRestStor may begin with better sleep, but they don’t end there. Many vital biological functions are taking place while you sleep and increasing the effectiveness of these functions is what RestStor was designed to do.  The digestive complex in the formula made up of pre and probiotics helps increase the digestion and absorption of nutrients for better nutrient partitioning. The more efficiently you can metabolize and deliver nutrients to your skeletal muscle cells, the easier it is for your tissues to repair and rebuild.

As mentioned above the bodies endocrine system is awake while you sleep, producing growth hormones and testosterone, important even for you ladies in synthesizing proteins into skeletal muscle tissue. RestStor has an all natural hormone boosting complex that encourages the release of these hormones. A “bio hack” way of getting more endocrine performance and release while you sleep.

If we can agree that performance tanks when we are groggy we can certainly agree that it disappears when we are fighting illness. Adequate sleep is not only critical to physiological and cognitive function it is vital to having a healthy immune system. Intense training can decrease immune function as can high-pressure high-stress competition. This is why world-class athletes like Roger Federer, Lebron James, and Usain Bolt report getting 12 hours of sleep per night during competition. They don’t just need to recover, they can’t afford to get sick. While you are likely not getting paid millions every time you compete you still want to perform at your best. To ensure the stress of competition is not keeping you up, the natural sleep aids in RestStor can relax you to sleep and have you waking up feeling like a Sunday morning.

“You are not overtraining, you’re under eating and under sleeping”

The term overtraining is misused and frankly overused. First, it does not mean you trained too much. Just because you did 100 squats at 85% doesn’t mean you overtrained. Side note: it doesn’t mean what you did was smart either! True overtraining is not caused by training too much as the name would suggest. It is a biological state caused by an accumulation of physiological, emotional, environmental and chemical stress that leads to a decrease in physical and mental performance and a prolonged recovery. Overtraining isn’t caused by one action, it is an accumulation of several actions or decision. Odds are you are not overtraining, you are under eating and under sleeping! Staring your workouts with increased mental fatigue and not properly resting enough between workouts is the fastest way to start feeling the symptoms of “overtraining.” Balance your reparative functions with your output and start feeling like you could add an extra session or two a week.

Just as you monitor your calories, calculate your workouts and consult with your peers over the correct reps and sets necessary to make gains in the gym you need to prioritize your shut-eye time. Just as important as supplementing with extra proteins to hit your macro needs and taking your pre-workout to improve workout productivity, supplementing your rest and relaxation time can be equally beneficial.