Top 3 Supplements for On the Go

Titan Athlete, trainer and full time mom Molly Wichman filled us in on what supplements she uses frequently to balance her busy client schedule, kids activities and time away with family. Here are Molly’s tips on what she’s using to conquer her family and work goals:

Raise your hand if you live a busy lifestyle or your family keeps you on the go.  If your hand is up, I have some simple solutions for you. If you are going to balance your fitness goals with your on-the-go family you need to deploy these three strategies!

  1. Always plan ahead.
  2. Pack food so you have ample energy and done cave to cravings. 
  3. Organize your meals and supplements around your activities for more time spent doing the things you love! 

I help keep these three strategies in tip top shape with my top 3 supplements.

Meat SNX– This is a perfect snack to throw in your gym bag or purse. Unlike protein bars that are loaded with fats and sugar alcohols, the meat snacks are made from dehydrated chicken and have a savory flavor like a chip.  Turn the package over and check out the nutrition label, you’ll find they have 20 grams of protein, fueling.  This is a great on the go meal or snack.  No refrigeration needed, doesn’t melt (not a coated bar). Meat SNX remind me of small crackers with five tasty flavors.

PurGreens– Sometimes it can be hard to get in fresh fruits and veggies when you are always on the go.  Try out PurGreens to supplement in the leafy greens needed. This mix and go drink contains concentrated green and red superfoods like spirulina, alfalfa, spinach, kelp, beets and raspberries just to name a few. It also has a blend of probiotics to help promote digestion, reduce inflammation and bloating in the gut. Enzymes are included for better breakdown, absorption and elimination of macronutrients.  This 100% organic powder can be added to any liquid has been a daily must have and ensures my family gets their daily greens; drink up my busy friends!

BCAA+– These essential amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine, Valine)  are perfect for fueling muscle tissue while you train but they also work between meals as a muscle boosting drink. The “+” in BCAA+ stands for the added glutamine, great for digestion and immune support. It also has added B6 which supports metabolism and energy production (who doesn’t want a metabolism boost).  Just add a scoop to your favorite drink or water. My favorite flavor is Lemon Grenade, but all BCAA + flavors are super tasty.

While these are my top 3 supplements for on-the-go, there are many other Titan Nutrition products that fill my shelves at home.  These 3 products are what you can find me carrying outside the house or gym since they so easy and helpful to fit into your day.
Another tip, Meat SNX and PurGreens are KID FRIENDLY! I know you parents reading this can appreciate any healthy snack that can fill the nutrition void for kids who struggle to get in enough protein, fresh fruit and veggies. Drink while driving to soccer practice, in the school pickup line, while watching after school activities, blend in a post workout smoothie, or as you run around town for errands.
Keep it simple, plan, pack, organize and fuel your active families!


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