Tyler Sandell

Height: 5’10”tyler sandel stage
Off Season Weight: 190-195
Contest Weight: 178-183
Training Facility: Anytime Fitness, YMCA
Current City: Republic, Mo
Hometown: Buffalo, Wy

Tyler Sandell was not always into fitness. He only started back in 2010 when he first started to go to the gym religiously. Tyler was born in California where he lived there for 13 years. After that he moved to Wyoming, and the Montana. He was always to small to play contact sports in school, so he turned to swimming. Tyler took fifth in state, his freshman year, in 1 meter board Diving. After his freshman year he started snowboarding where he competed in multiple competitions and won numerous medals. In 2008 Tyler joined the Navy to be a special warfare combat craft crewman. Shortly after being in the delayed entry program Tyler tore his ACL snowboarding.

He  turned to the Army after recovering and joined to be a Engineer Deep Sea Diver. During his tour in the Army Tyler had three knee injuries.( Two meniscus and one ACL)went on numerous missions around the US and deployed over to Cambodia. While he was there he got injured and was air lifted to Bangkok where he recovered for two weeks.  In 2010 Tyler began going to the gym and grew a passion for it. He started to become addicted to it and saw huge gains in the first two years. Once returned from Cambodia Tyler re injured his knee and had his fourth knee surgery. His last ACL surgery the doctor told Tyler he was going to have numerous complications and would not be able to keep going to the gym and remain as physically active. After hearing such news Tyler was offset and determined to prove everyone wrong.
The last year of Tyler’s military career he started competing in powerlifting. His first meet was in June of 2012 where he placed 2nd in his weight class and benched 345 pounds. Due to his knee injury his legs weren’t 100% yet so he could only work his upper body. He competed in atylercurlnother powerlifting meet at the state championships in Maryland.  Tyler won his weight class with a bench of 365 pounds and broke a state record.
He then decided he wanted to compete in bodybuilding shows but didn’t now how to start. Tyler meet a diet coach and prepped for his first show in four weeks. Losing over thirty pounds Tyler walked on stage in Maryland at the JayCutler Classic where he placed7th out of 22.
Tyler was then medically discharged from the military and moved from Virginia then to Missouri then to Arkansas then back to Missouri where he and his family bought their first home. Tyler is now going to school at Missouri State University to become an Athletic Trainer. Not only is he a full time student but he is also a stay at home dad. Tyler also works in the city of Willard where he teaches PE to home schooled students, also teaches a fitness boot camp called Extreme Fitness.
Tyler is a natural talent and his dedication to his goals give this men’s physique competitor a very high ceiling of accomplishment!