Type II Collagen and Joint Health

You don’t realize how much your joints can affect your day until they start affecting your day negatively! If you have achy and sore joints from the wear and tear of life, your well-being can start to decline. Uncomfortable joints make it really hard to get in the gym and train with the intensity that you want.

If you train hard in the gym and you care about maintaining a healthy pain-free lifestyle, don’t neglect your system of connective tissues. Our cartilage, ligaments, bones, and tendons all work in unison to ensure our joints are healthy, strong, and flexible.

These systems of connective and protective (some collagen proteins are “linings”) tissues are made from 25 different types of collagen proteins. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, making up one-third of our total protein content.

Aging and exercise can cause decay of these connective tissues. Without proper maintenance these stresses can lead to inflammation and eventually arthritis. If the wear and tear persist without precautions the pain and discomfort can ultimately start affecting your active and healthy lifestyle.

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In order to fight the effects of aging and wear and tear, we need to give our joints the tender love and care they deserve. The supplementation of a type II collagen has been shown to positively correlate with joint health, that it may reduce pain and improve joint function. The supplementation of collagen directly correlates to the creation of new collagen structures in the body through the process of collagen synthesis.

Type II collagen molecules form fiber-like structures that help hold tissues in shape. The different tissue structures within our body are made from different types of collagen. Skin is mostly made of type I and III, while type II collagen is a major component of our joints and cartilage. This is why supplementation of type II collagen can help with the function of our joints as we age and train to stay healthy. Type II collagen may help our body fight off pain, swelling, and inflammation caused by different factors.

Titan Nutrition® Bone Broth™ is a type II collagen protein in powdered supplement form. Daily supplementation using Bone Broth™ powder helps stimulate collagen synthesis, the production of new collagen. Bone Broth™ has zero carbs and zero sugar, containing only collagen type II proteins and rich micronutrients. It naturally has a savory flavor perfect for mixing into smoothies, pancakes, hot cocoa or any homemade recipes. Of course, it can be used as soup stock too.

Lift heavy, train hard, and play the long game by fueling your connective tissues the same way you do your muscle tissue!

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