Willie Green

Height: 5’6”

Off Season Weight: 195-205

Contest Weight: 175-180

Training Facility: Sculpt 24

Current City: Valdosta, GA

Hometown: Compton, CA

Willie was born in Compton California where he spent the first 16 years of his life before moving to Tucson, AZ. While living in Tucson, he attending Flowing Wells High School where he played football and ran track. He was never really into weightlifting but did so because his coaches told him it would make him a better football player, which is also the reason he ran track. Once graduating high school, Willie decided he would gain some life experience by moving out of his Mom’s house and getting a job in security before starting his ultimate goal of joining the Air Force. Two years after finishing school, he decided it was time to join the Air Force. Willie Joined the Air Force in 2003 and is still currently serving with several deployments under his belt to areas such as Afghanistan (three times.) In 2009 while stationed in South Korea, Willie suffered a complete ACL tear in his right knee while playing football with a local unit. The doctors told him he would need at least 12 months of rehab to completely heal. During this time, Willie took an intense approach to rehabbing and coming back stronger which ultimately led to him being fully recovered in 8 months.

Willie always lived an active lifestyle but it wasn’t until 2013 when he had a supervisor who did bodybuilding that he completely immersed himself into the bodybuilding world. Driven by his passion to gain knowledge and help others, he earned his personal training certification. He focused on helping people transform their lives through fitness but that wasn’t enough for him, he knew he wanted to push himself even more and one day step on stage as a bodybuilder. He dieted and trained hard and in August 2015 finally stepped on stage at the Tim Gardner Extravaganza where he placed 4th in the middleweight division. After some discussion with his coach, he chose to give the physique division a shot. Once again he trained and dieted, even harder than before. In October 2015, he entered the Paradise Coast Championships and not only won his division (qualifying him for national competition,) but also won the overall trophy. Building on this momentum, he decided to enter the National Bodybuilding Championships in Miami, FL. Needing to place in the top two of his division to earn an IFBB pro card, Willie came up just one spot short (3rd place.) Willie redeemed himself and proved to the world he was a top contender in 2016 winning the overall at USA’s and becoming an IFBB Pro! 

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