Your Weekend Ride Just Got Easier

Recently we fielded an email that brought up an interesting question, we thought the email and the response would make a good article to share with everyone.

The Email: 
“Hi Titan, quick question for you there. A friend and neighbor of mine who owns a gym here in Texas gave me your ACTIV8™ product to try. The thing is, I don’t train like he does. I do strength train 3-4 times a week but my main form of exercise is road biking. While the weather is nice I like to get out 3 to 4 nights a week and have a consistent 90-120 minute ride on the weekend. I’d like to try the ACTIV8™ but can I take it on my rides and will it benefit me?

Thanks for the help,

The Response:
Brent, Thanks so much for reaching out! While we do cater to the needs of the ‘gym rat’ athlete, those needs are shared by so many athletes from all different walks. While the goals may be different the biological functions of nutrition and supplementation remain the same. In fact, your friend was looking out for your best interest (and best ride) when he gave you Activ8 to try. Since it sounds like your focus is on the bike, here is how it can help you with your rides…”

The Branch Chain Amino Acids in ACTIV8™, particularly Leucine, work to minimize the catabolic (muscle breakdown) of working out. Biking for an hour or more at a time is great for cardiovascular conditioning but it can also be detrimental to your skeletal muscle mass you are also trying to build in your strength training.

Taken before (or during) activity these amino acids also play a role in the breakdown of glycogen and fats to be used as energy. Therefore you may notice some added endurance late in your rides.

Activ8 contains 120 mg of Caffeine, or about the same amount as a strong cup of coffee. Caffeine not only can give you a mental boost and focus we all expect from it but taken prior to or during exercise it can also decrease perceptive physical fatigue and pain. The dosage is important, as an endurance athlete your heart rate will be elevated for an extended period of time. Too much caffeine or stimulants like the kind found in traditional pre workouts can elevate your heart rate artificially. Not good if you’re going to be in the saddle for 2 hours already!

The amino acid Taurine in ACTIV8™ provides a host of health benefits but most important to athletes is its role in cellular metabolism. Taurine aids in the oxidation process of fats (burning fats as energy) not only make you a more efficient fat burning machine but also giving you more energy to burn late in your rides when your glycogen stores have been depleted. Side note: Taurine is also great for eye health. This could be a HUGE benefit to your road biking trips if you find yourself in heavy traffic!

Further improving your endurance ACTIV8™ has B Vitamins (B-1 and B-6) both of which play a key role in energy metabolism. These vitamins work alongside amino acids and enzymes to facilitate your bodies usage of carbohydrates and fats as they are metabolized and burned for energy. Adequate levels of B Vitamins, particularly B-6 are linked to proper nerve function and elevated energy levels.

So there you have it, Brent. By ingredient, just how ACTIV8™ can help you get more out of, and put more into those long weekend rides!

Our suggestion?

To take your bike rides to the next level, use ACTIV8™ right before starting your ride. Fill your water bottle and add one scoop GlycoFeed and one scoop ACTIV8™ to further fuel your workout. You will notice a difference in energy levels on the first ride!

Yours in Fitness,
Titan Nutrition

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