Best Protein Powder for Stomach Issues

Best Protein Powder for Stomach Issues


Have you ever had a protein shake and then found yourself with a really unhappy stomach? Unfortunately, this is a common complaint and finding a protein powder that doesn’t cause bloating or gut pain can be challenging. Never fear – there are many kinds of protein on the market that are formulated to help alleviate these symptoms and accommodate various allergies & lifestyles.

Why is the protein you are using making you feel this way? How can you hit your protein intake goals if your protein is making you feel sick or in pain? Let’s take a deeper look into protein powder and some tried, tested, and sensitive stomach approved alternatives.

Cheap Whey Protein Might Not Be Your Friend

To minimize stomach issues, you want  a whey protein supplement that is highly digestible and takes a minimum effort for your body to absorb.  Look for the words “hydrolyzed” and “digestive enzymes”.  Basically, hydrolyzed means the massive protein molecule is broken down into smaller pieces so your digestive system doesn’t need to work as hard.  Digestive enzymes assist the body in breaking down food, enabling nutrients to be absorbed more easily. 

Chances are, if you are buying cheap protein at a big box store, it might not be the most bioavailable choice.  And you are gonna have some gas, bloating, and other uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms. 

Pro-Tip: You also want to look for a fortified protein that contains essential amino acids. Check out Titan’s Whey protein here.

Isolate: A Good Alternative for Lactose Sensitivity 

Have you tried a good Whey and still have stomach issues?  Chances are the lactose could be to blame. 

Whey isolate is simply whey concentrate that has been further processed and filtered to create a more “pure” form of protein. A premium whey isolate powder has been filtered down to remove most of the fat and lactose from the whey – making this a great choice for those with lactose intolerance! Drinking an isolate powder can help remove virtually all of the bloating and/or gut pain that can haunt those with various intolerances. And -  whey isolates actually have more protein than a regular whey protein powder! Grab a sample pack of Titan Isolate or shop our delicious 2lb flavors here


Plant Based Blends Eliminate Dairy

One of the easiest ways to eliminate dairy-fueled symptoms is to remove the dairy from the picture all together!

Vegan powders use plant-based protein to provide a punch of protein that is accessible to both vegans and individuals with dairy sensitivities.  Commonly sourced plants used in these blends include pea, soy, brown rice, hemp, and other plants.

While an obvious choice for vegans & other dietary lifestyles, it’s also a great fit for our friends with sensitive stomachs. Studies have shown that plant-based proteins produce similar outcomes in body composition, performance & strength as whey proteins – making these powders a great option to bypass the dairy! Want to try it for yourself? Grab a sample pack of our powder here.


Best Protein Powder for Stomach Issues

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