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  • mTOR – Advanced Phosphatidic Acid Formula
  • mTOR – Advanced Phosphatidic Acid Formula
  • mTOR – Advanced Phosphatidic Acid Formula

mTOR – Advanced Phosphatidic Acid Formula

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Powered by the exclusive Mediator® Phosphatidic Acid

Because of the important role, it plays in muscle protein synthesis, phosphatidic acid is becoming increasingly popular as a dietary supplement. As a result, several human trials have showcased the effects of PA supplementation over the course of a resistance training program.

Double Your Muscle Gains
Published, unadulterated research has shown that the exact dose of phosphatidic acid in mTOR™ can help you build twice as much muscle as you could if you simply trained!

In a recent study conducted by Dr. Jacob Wilson and his research team at The University of Tampa on 28 resistance-trained subjects, those who trained hard 3 times a week and took half the dose of phosphatidic acid found in mTOR™ for 8 weeks actually doubled the amount of muscle they gained compared to subjects following the same training protocol, but who were only taking a placebo. This 8-week clinical study was published in Nutrition & Metabolism.


What is phosphatidic acid?

Phosphatidic acid is part of a family of fats called phospholipids. They are found in the cell membrane of soy, sunflowers, and eggs.

What is the enzyme mTOR?

mTOR is the primary pathway that your body uses to build new muscle. More mTOR activation means you build more muscle faster.

Is phosphatidic acid a steroid?

Definitely not. Phosphatidic acid is simply a plant nutrient that is isolated from soy. mTOR™ contains double the PA dosage used in the studies above.

How does mTOR™ work?

Steroids and mTOR™ boost muscle growth the same way: they increase activation of the mTOR pathway. mTOR™ does it without naturally increasing your body’s natural hormone balance.

Phosphatidic acid in mTOR™ is one of the most sought-after muscle enhancers in the world because it has been shown in multiple human clinical studies to increase muscle growth without steroids, drugs, hormones, or side-effects.

mTOR™ is formulated from phosphatidic acid, a groundbreaking plant nutrient recently uncovered inside the intricate structures of plant biology.

Phosphatidic acid activates the mTOR pathway, which then boosts muscle protein synthesis. If you want to see results faster without risking steroids or hormones then make sure you get mTOR™.

Phosphatidic acid has completed two successful double-blind, placebo-controlled, and peer-reviewed human clinical trials. These types of clinical studies are the gold standard of scientific and academic research.