Beta Alanine: Unlocking Peak Athletic Performance

Beta Alanine: Unlocking Peak Athletic Performance

Let’s talk beta alanine –this essential amino acid is the cause behind that harmless tingly feeling you get after taking some pre-workouts. Countless research studies have been done on the effects of beta alanine on sports performance. Using beta alanine can increase your time to exhaustion – allowing for more reps and sets in your workouts – ultimately leading to a better overall workout.

Interested in the science behind how Beta Alanine works? Check out our blog where we dive into how beta-alanine reacts in the body to provide these athletic benefits!

Is beta alanine a good choice for you to add into your supplement rotation? How do you properly consume it? Let’s dive in and see if beta alanine may be your next key to success.

What kind of athletes benefit most from beta alanine?

-          Weightlifters/Bodybuilders. We deep dive into the details of the benefits to weightlifters in this article.  Some of the benefits include increased muscle endurance, improved strength gains, enhanced recovery, and reduced muscle fatigue.

-          Cyclists. Some studies have found that supplementing with beta alanine is beneficial  in short-term events (10 minutes or less). For cyclists, the most obvious use for beta alanine would be during sprint work to help keep intensity high through quick pushes. There may also be benefit from taking beta alanine prior to HIIT bike workouts (for example – 5 minutes hard, 2 minutes off).

-          Runners. Beta alanine is most useful in speed sessions, such as 400m or mile repeats at a high intensity. As speed sessions are crucial to building endurance – having high quality speedwork sessions can be beneficial for sprinters and marathoners alike. Beta alanine helps to keep the intensity (and speeds) high on the repeats, helping you build more strength and, in turn, bringing you more speed at your next race.

How to Use Beta Alanine?

Beta alanine is found in some pre-workouts already, such as Titan’s flagship Kre-Ex pre-workout. What if your favorite pre-workout does not already include beta alanine, but you want to see how it benefits you? Titan offers raw, unflavored beta alanine – allowing you to simply just add a scoop to your pre-workout and reap the benefits! We recommend adding a scoop to our ACTIV8 & PUMP blends before a workout or our BCAA+ & EAA formulas for an intra-workout boost. 

Beta alanine’s benefits grow over time. Consistent usage  will gradually lead to the desired effects. Daily supplementation of 4-6grams of beta alanine for 2-4 weeks is shown to help improve exercise performance. [1] 

To find the most benefit from your beta alanine, split your daily supplement up into two servings. 

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Beta Alanine: Unlocking Peak Athletic Performance

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