From Rock Bottom to World’s Strongest Man - March Athlete of the Month

From Rock Bottom to World’s Strongest Man - March Athlete of the Month

Our March Athlete of the Month, Travis Ortmayer (@travis_ortmayer), is a World Strongest Man competitor who holds over 25 world records.  

Travis started working out at 11 years old.  He mowed lawns all summer long to save enough money to buy a bench. At age 16 and 17 Travis entered his first two body building shows but left discouraged.  

Fast forward to the week before his 21st birthday, Travis found Strongman, which completely altered the course of his life. He very quickly found success and stardom after turning pro and traveled the world competing in the top circuits.  

After a series of injuries, Travis developed a drug addiction and his world fell apart. He has spoken candidly about his struggles with painkillers and meth that led him to rock bottom- losing his family, career, and his home.  In 2016 Travis made the brave decision to turn his life around.   While the road was not easy, Travis quit drugs for good and returned to the best shape of his life both mentally and physically.  He went back to Strongman with a renewed vigor for the sport and competes regularly.  

Even more rewarding than Strongman has been the opportunity to share his passion by coaching others to become the best and strongest version of themselves. 


What does a typical day of eating look like for Travis? He tells us that when he is in peak training, he eats around 6000 to 7000 calories a day. His favorite cheat meal is a Freschetta pepperoni pizza with a steak cut up on top of it and a pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream… which is about 4000 calories!

His favorite Titan products are Titan Micronized Creatine™, ReBuild™, All Isolate™ Flavors, EAA’s, KickIn™ Mystic Mind, and GlycoFeed™

Advice for Aspiring Athletes: 

We asked Travis what advice he would give someone just starting their training journey: 

 “Oh man, I can give a lot of advice on this… Do it because you love it not because you want a certain result. It’s OK every once in a while but try not to train a muscle that is already sore even if it’s that day in the week that you’re supposed to do it on. Get a mentor or a solid training partner with a similar goal. Learn everything that you can and always keep an open mind to new ideas”. 

Goals for 2024: 

Travis wants to focus on recovering from his recent hip surgery and have a solid comeback to competition by the end of the year. 

From Rock Bottom to World’s Strongest Man - March Athlete of the Month

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