Meet the World’s Strongest CFO - June Athlete of the Month

Meet the World’s Strongest CFO - June Athlete of the Month

Our June Athlete of the Month is the World’s Strongest CFO - Delaney Wallace (@dlaneywallace). Delaney started his journey by playing sports and had the opportunity to train for the NFL Regional Combine. He fell into the financial services industry but remained active through this process. Delaney contacted a friend who referred him to Kevin Lee, who used to work at Transform Fitness in Tuckahoe, New York. Kevin immediately welcomed Delaney in and encouraged him to start powerlifting. 6 years later, Delaney has two world championships, two Sheffield appearances, and a world record title. 

“Powerlifting has given me the opportunity to really still continue to express that love of competition. And as a byproduct of that, hey, if you want to be an elite level athlete at the world level, you have to take care of nutrition and other things outside of that.”

We asked Delaney to tell us a little bit about his business. He tells us that his main business is financial planning and business consulting, which means he is part of different DBAs Brick Partners, and Shepherd Wealth Group. He does a lot of work in the high-net-worth, ultra-high-net-worth, and business owner space in general. Delaney is also in the process of starting and partnering in a couple of other businesses. 

“I'm also becoming a partner in the gym that I currently go to, Mountain Vern and Barbell. I guess now is a good time to kind of break the news that the gym is actually going to be moving and at the end of the year-ish, fourth quarterish, there'll be a grand opening of the new location. I'm super excited to share all that stuff with everybody as things continue to get built out there.”

For Delaney, a typical day of eating is super, super simple. He eats the majority of his meals from meal prep and a restaurant called Healthy Kitchen. In the mornings, he usually eats grits, eggs, and some protein yogurt. He will have a combination of chicken or elk with rice, Brussels sprouts, green beans, or broccoli for lunch. Then, he will have a protein shake or some eggs. His current macros are 60g of fat, 150g of carbs, and 220g of protein. 

“But that's a typical day of eating for me. I'm pretty structured. I don't deviate very often or very much just because I don't want to have to think about what I'm going to eat.” 

Delaney, thank you so much for being our June Titan athlete and representing Team Titan! We can’t wait to continue to follow you on your fitness journey!

Meet the World’s Strongest CFO - June Athlete of the Month

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