Nutrition 101: Are Carbs Important for Athletes?

Nutrition 101: Are Carbs Important for Athletes?

Carbohydrates. By now, you’ve heard all about them – the good & the “bad”. There is a lot of misinformation out there villainizing carbs…but are they actually the enemy??

Let’s debunk the "carbs are bad" myth and learn how carbs can help boost our performance and supercharge recovery. 

Are carbs beneficial for competitive athletes?

YES! Carbs are good for overall health and provide necessary energy for tough workouts. Carbs are important for a balanced diet, which is necessary for reaching our full potential. More importantly, athletes should focus on quality complex carbs from whole foods like sweet potatoes, rice, and quinoa vs junk carbs from processed foods. 

Should a competitive athlete limit carb intake? How many carbs are ideal?

 Carbs are key in keeping the body’s energy levels stable. There is a fine line between “too many”, “too little”, and the “just right” amount of daily carb intake. Consuming excessive carbohydrates can result in unintentional weight gain.

On the other hand, consuming insufficient carbohydrates can lead to injuries, hinder performance and recovery, and potentially cause harm.

The kind of activity you do can help determine how many carbs you should aim to consume in a day. Timing your carb intake before and after your workout can help improve your performance. Aim to eat carbs 60-90 minutes before your workout to fuel performance, and immediately after you finish, to replace what was lost during an intense workout. 

People who do a lot of intense exercise such as HIIT, cycling or running may need to eat more carbohydrates than other athletes. For example, Johns Hopkins recommends that a distance runner finds 60-70% of their daily caloric intake from carbs. 

How Do I Get Enough Carbs?

You may be too busy and are not able to sit down for meals that contain quality carbs from wholefoods.  This is where quality supplementation is helpful.

Pro tip:  Checkout Titan’s Rebuild post workout recovery formula- which delivers not only amino acids, but also insulin mimicking ingredients that drive carbohydrates out of the bloodstream and into muscle tissue. This formula accelerates recovery and supports the growth of lean muscle mass.    

Another great option to boost carb intake is Titan's GlycoFeed, containing  highly Branched Cyclic Dextrin (cluster dextrin). This cutting-edge carb has an extremely high molecular weight and low osmolarity. This allows it to pass through the stomach and into the bloodstream effortlessly, without the discomfort and bloat associated with other designer carbohydrates. Perfect for fueling muscle cells before, during and after training. The fast absorption rate also has the added effect of shuttling key nutrients like amino acids, vitamins, and electrolytes to the working muscle for quicker repair and recovery!

The bottom line:

For serious, competitive athletes – carbs are NOT the enemy. Including complex carbs in your diet will give you natural energy during workouts and help immensely in recovery. 

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Nutrition 101: Are Carbs Important for Athletes?

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