Supplements 101: Top 3 Workout Supplements For Beginners

Supplements 101: Top 3 Workout Supplements For Beginners

As you scroll through social media, various ads show you countless variations of wellness supplements promising to help you build muscle, lose weight, become faster…the list goes on. Do these supplements actually work? Just how important is proper nutrition to your beginning fitness journey? 

The popular saying “abs are built in the kitchen” is actually fairly accurate.  You can do as many reps as you want, but if you’re eating a bunch of fast food every day- you will not see results, and you certainly won’t see abs.  If you are eating a fairly healthy diet, you might want to consider leveling up your nutrition game with supplements.   

Supplements are meant to supplement a healthy diet, by helping you hit the recommended daily amount for various vitamins, minerals, and nutrients.   With thousands of different supplements on the market, it can be challenging to find which are truly beneficial to your health & performance and which are simply marketing gimmicks. Our team at Titan has put together a list of our top 3 recommendations for those just getting started in supplementation.  

Protein Powder 

We recommend that anyone starting out with nutrition supplements take some type of protein because it plays a huge role in muscle maintenance and repair, and it can be challenging to get the amount of protein needed from whole food sources alone.  When you engage in physical activity, microscopic tears are made in your muscles. These tears are repaired by the body during your “recovery” period, and this is how your muscles grow stronger (and bigger). Protein is essential for making muscle since it forms the building blocks of muscle tissue. With so many different protein products on the market, you may be confused about which protein is best for you.  

One of the most popular protein powders is a whey protein blend. Whey is easily digestible, contains essential amino acids, and is a great low-calorie source of protein. However, beware of “trashy whey” or cheap products that can cause bloating, gut pain, & other unwanted effects. Look for high quality Whey- enhanced with digestive enzymes or products like Titan’s Isolate Protein, which is virtually lactose-free. Another option is using vegan powder, which uses plant protein, such as pea & brown rice protein and quinoa, as the source of protein – making it a solid choice for both sensitive stomachs and vegans alike.  

The general rule is to consume 1 gram of protein for each pound of body weight. Protein supplements can be used throughout the day as a snack or as an additional source of protein to help meet your daily goal.  


Another great supplement for beginners is a greens powder. According to the CDC, only 9% of adults eat the recommended serving size of vegetables. Greens are trending on social for a reason - they are a quick and easy way to help get your servings of vegetables daily.  

These powders contain freeze-dried vegetables, fruits, and other various enzymes & probiotics.  This flexible powder can be used to quickly whisk up a stand-alone drink, add it to a smoothie, or even incorporate it into your latest baked goods recipe.  

We could go on and on about the benefits of Greens, but just to name a few:  

  • Detoxification  
  • Natural Energy  
  • Immune System Support  
  • Supports Recovery 
  • Healthy Skin  

When you are choosing a greens supplement, look for one without added sweeteners or dyes- read your labels carefully because they are everywhere.  We love our Titan Pur Greens powder because it is packed with over 10 servings of vegetables, sea greens, and berry superfoods, along with prebiotics and digestive enzymes to maximize nutrient absorption.   


Our #3 supplement recommendation for newbies is incorporating a good multivitamin. Nearly 94% of the US population is deficient in one or more vitamins. A daily multivitamin helps ensure that your body is getting the basic nutrients it needs to perform at its highest level. Multivitamins may include doses of vitamins & minerals like Vitamin B, D, zinc, calcium, and many others.  

Having balanced vitamin & mineral levels boosts the immune system and helps your body recover faster.  They also promote restful sleep (see the benefits of good sleep on performance at our recent blog), and help to keep natural energy levels high.  


Ready to get started? Check out some of our Titan products mentioned in the article:  

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Supplements 101: Top 3 Workout Supplements For Beginners

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