The Unsung Supplement: GlycoFeed

The Unsung Supplement: GlycoFeed

GlycoFeed is Titan Nutrition’s™ designer carbohydrate made specifically for high-performance athletes who want every possible advantage in their training and nutrition.

So what is GlycoFeed made of?

Our GlycoFeed “formula” is just one single ingredient, Cluster Dextrin™. This is the only trademark version of Highly-Branched Cyclic Dextrin or HBCD. It is made from the starch of corn where a branch enzyme is added then it is further refined or purified in a process called cyclization (picture a very large centrifuge). This makes the molecular structure of HBCD an ideal carbohydrate to use around your training window.

How does it compare to other carbohydrates?

HBCD has a high molecular weight, allowing it to pass through the stomach quickly, similarly to a starchy carbohydrate like waxy maize. The downside to these starch-based carbs is their osmolality or ability to dissolve in water.

Other carbs such as dextrose dissolve well in water but lack the molecular weight to pass quickly through the stomach cavity. While it can raise your blood sugars quickly, it can also cause some stomach discomfort during digestion.

Entering the king of all carbohydrates: GlycoFeed!

Cluster Dextrin™ has both the high molecular weight of a starch-based carbohydrate and the osmolarity of a glucose-based carb. This makes it the best of both worlds! The end result is the perfect peri-workout carbohydrate!

When should i use GlycoFeed?

GlycoFeed can be used anytime you need added fuel from glycogen surrounding your workout. As a pre-workout, GlycoFeed can benefit performance and endurance by increasing the glycogen (stored energy) in the bloodstream. This reduces fatigue and increases stamina. Taken during training, GlycoFeed helps stabilize and maintain blood sugar levels long into training to prevent fatigue due to low blood sugar.

GlycoFeed is an excellent catalyst for nutrient transport, driving amino acids, creatine and micro nutrition into the working-muscle tissue. This fast-acting nature of GlycoFeed makes it an ideal refuel when taken post-workout, allowing you to replenish glycogen levels so you’re recovered and fully fueled for tomorrow's training!

You have more than a few options when choosing a carbohydrate source to fuel your workouts, but none as biologically aligned to work with the body to improve training and speed recovery. Fuel your workouts with GlycoFeed and instantly feel the difference this high-performance designer carb makes in your training!

The Unsung Supplement: GlycoFeed

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